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Most families in search of a trustworthy nursing home in which to place loved ones are acutely aware of the possible dangers of abuse or mistreatment by staff. What they may be less attuned to is the danger posed by other residents.

They should know it is the duty of the nursing home to be aware of this potential, to guard against it and to address it immediately when it becomes known.

However, a new investigative report by the Buffalo News/ New America Media reveals one in every five residents experiences at least some form of aggression by another resident every month. Some of these conflicts involve stealing personal items. Some involve invading personal space. Others may escalate into verbal attacks or cursing. There may be sexually aggressive behavior, or advances toward individuals who are unwilling or are not capable of reciprocating. In some cases, residents may suffer slaps, shoves and even more violent actions. Continue reading →

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The attorney general’s office in New Mexico has sued one of the country’s largest nursing home chains over allegations of inadequate resident care. The lawsuit asserts ultra-thin staffing levels made it a numeric impossibility for staffers to provide appropriate care to elderly and disabled patients.

Preferred Care Partners Management Group L.P., which operates in 10 states, including Florida, has staunchly denied the allegations made in the lawsuit.

Other states are carefully monitoring the developments of this case because it’s a novel approach to a pervasive and serious problem nationwide. Many nursing homes – primarily for-profit centers – give patient care a back seat to profit margins. They skimp on supplies, security tools and, most importantly, qualified staff.

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