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In NC Leasing LLC v. Junker, a state high court ruled it was erroneous in a nursing home negligence case to deny a motion to compel arbitration simply on the basis of forum unavailability. Instead, the trial court should have held a hearing to determine the agreement’s validity. The case was remanded to trial court to do just that.

This is one of a growing number of cases involving nursing home patients, their loved ones and arbitration agreements, which have become increasingly common in the nursing home admission process.

These agreements deprive residents of the right to bring action in a court of law, and instead route them to a forum of binding arbitration, which is generally confidential and often less favorable to plaintiffs. New nursing home residents or their loved ones often sign these agreements in the stack of admission documents, not quite realizing what they are signing. But the effect on their ability to seek compensation in the event of negligence, neglect or abuse is substantial. Continue reading →

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