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Investigators with the Government Accountability Office reported recently there are giant gaps in the collection of data on the financial abuse of seniors in nursing homes, making it next to impossible to accurately quantify the scope of the problem. 

The acting director of the agency’s Forensic Audit and Investigative Service Team offered up the latest report to members of the U.S. Senate’s Aging Committee. It’s the first comprehensive look at financial abuse of the elderly in six years. Unfortunately, the report is based on scant evidence – a limited review of just eight cases that were closed between 2011 and 2015. The agency is only allowed to examine cases that have been closed, and that can in some cases take years.

In most cases, the acting director said it’s the court systems of the state – not the federal government – that are in charge of keeping track of financial abuse. However, that isn’t happening in a lot of cases, which means we don’t have a clear picture of how serious a problem this is. Continue reading →

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Usually, when we hear about an incidence of nursing home abuse being revealed after video evidence surfaces, it’s the result of a hidden camera or some investigation by the patient’s family.

But in a recent case out of Queens, NY, it was actually nursing home administrators who came forward to alert authorities. Video images show a man falling in front of a rehab center nurse, who is seen doing nothing to help him. He then lies on the ground writhing in pain, bleeding, while no staffer steps in to help. Then, a certified nurse assistant is seen dragging him across the hall to his room. He reemerges a few minutes later, now with both a head wound and a jaw wound. He is dragged by his open, backless gown, which is now around his neck, back into his room.

Administrators called authorities. On the one hand, such action is to be applauded. But on the other hand, it’s what we should all expect. Continue reading →

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