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Identifying Fort Lauderdale nursing home neglect during holidays may not be a pleasant thought when planning on visiting a loved one in a skilled nursing facility. It might seem such unpleasant observations/ topics shouldn’t mar what is supposed to be a festive time.

Still, our Fort Lauderdale nursing home injury attorneys would urge loved ones to consider at least taking a moment to learn about potential red flags, given that:

  • Residents get more visitors over the holidays and for longer, so issues you may not have noticed before may become more glaring;
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Inadequate staffing for seriously ill patients is alleged to have led to the deaths of at least three patients who received care at several nursing home facilities – one in Winter Haven and two in Lakeland – owned by the same firm, according to lawsuits filed recently.

The Lakeland Ledger reports the cases involve three patients who received care between August 2013 and March 2014. Their deaths, reported days or weeks after discharge, were reportedly connected to their stay at the facilities.

Each complaint alleges the parent company committed neglect by pushing its subsidiary nursing homes to admit more patients who were seriously ill. These individuals would require more care and thus the companies would be more handsomely reimbursed by the federal government. However, the facilities did not increase staffing levels in order to provide the heightened level of care these patients needed, and this led to patients receiving poor care, ultimately resulting in illness and death.

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