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Trial of a $4 million nursing home negligence lawsuit has commenced, with representatives for the alleged victim asserting the people who were supposed to care for her were negligent in their duty, resulting in severe injury.

According to court documents in Carmon-Rogers v. Sentara Life Care Corp., the patient, a widow, had resided in the nursing home since 2008, after suffering a stroke. She was a full-assist patient, meaning she depended on the nursing staff to meet all of her basic daily needs. As she was unable to get out of bed, she was not able to reposition herself regularly, as necessary to prevent pressure sores.

In March 2014, plaintiff alleges a licensed practical nurse was changing patient’s bed linens when patient was rolled onto her right side at the edge of the bed. The bed linens were then pulled out from underneath her, and the patient rolled out of bed, falling onto the floor. As a result, patient suffered fractures to her right shoulder, left leg, right foot, right ankle and right lower leg. The leg fractures were potentially life-threatening because the tibia became detached from her foot.

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A once-unlicensed nursing home facility that allegedly confined an aging, once-prominent judge in an unheated room, allowing him to freeze to death in the winter, has agreed to settle the wrongful death lawsuit for $750,000.

It’s the last chapter for a popular Brooklyn, NY man once called the “kung fu judge” for his black belt in karate. The settlement was announced seven years to the day of his death.

However, a complaint filed by his family members is still pending with the local district attorney’s office. They say the center needs to be investigated for ongoing violations – including continuing to keep aging patients without heat or other basic necessities.

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A newly-filed nursing home neglect lawsuit accuses a facility of failing to properly care for an 88-year-old woman who subsequently died of respiratory failure, pneumonia, sepsis and cardiac arrest.

The lawsuit, brought by the woman’s daughter, alleges that not only was there not enough staff at the facility at any given time, the staff who were there did not provide proper care and did not maintain accurate and complete records of the woman’s treatment.

This same facility was accused of misconduct by other patients. Jurors previously ordered the same facility – and its owner – to pay $677 million in damages to residents and/or their surviving family members for jeopardizing the health care of elderly wards and breaking state law by maintaining bare bones staff with the primary goal of lining administrators’ pockets. A county judge in 2010 later approved a reduced settlement amount of $63 million.

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