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The number of for-profit corporate nursing homes (as opposed to non-profit facilities) has risen sharply over the last several decades, complicating efforts to hold facilities accountable for substandard care. Worse yet, these centers have a higher rate of poor care because they tend to value profits over the vulnerable people in their charge. Beyond that, owners of these corporate nursing homes often have a stake in other companies contracted to provide goods and services to the patients – everything from physical therapy to drugs to management to staffers. 

A recent analysis by Kaiser Health News and The New York Times explored how these “corporate webs” not only lessen the quality of care, but also make it more difficult for those seeking compensation for nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect.

Almost three-quarters of nursing homes in the U.S. have this kind of business arrangement, referred to as related party transactions. In some instances, facilities will contract out very basic functions, such as management of the facility or rent from their property. Those who run these organizations say it’s a means of simplifying operations and reducing corporate taxes. But of course, there is more to it. The owners of these facilities can score contracts they might not otherwise be able to land in a market that is more competitive, and from there, they can reap more profits that aren’t recorded in the nursing home’s financial records. While a typical non-profit nursing home might take home a profit somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 to 4 percent, owners of facilities with these related party transaction arrangements take home a profit margin of around 28 percent.  Continue reading →

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Nursing home negligence – taking forms of both neglect and abuse – is not new, but it is something that has been increasingly drawn into the light in recent years.  Still, some advocates have expressed frustration with the seemingly snail-paced progress when it comes to protections for nursing home residents. There is of course the possibility of filing a negligence lawsuit against the nursing home following the physical or emotional abuse or neglect of a loved one, but advocates are hoping to get changes made to prevent these all too frequent incidents before they occur.

These advocates have been hoping the wide-spread outcry to reports of nursing home deaths following hurricane Irma can add fire to their cause, as are the new reports pertaining to these needless deaths in one Florida nursing home that has been making headlines. According to a recent news article from Claims Journal, an insurance company trade publication, the temperature at the nursing home at which 12 residents died was 99 degrees Fahrenheit when they died. Continue reading →

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Most staff at nursing homes in South Florida and across the country are hardworking, well trained and dedicated professionals who do whatever they can to make sure your loved ones get the best possible treatment and care. However, there are some cases where the negligence of the staff results in serious injuries or even death of a resident.

In many of the cases involving nursing home negligence or abuse, we see instances where staff are not properly trained or supervised, or should never have been given the responsibility to watch over patients in the first place. Continue reading →

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According to recent news article from The National Law Review, one family has filed a lawsuit in which they claim the nursing home wherein their loved one was living failed to make any attempts to resuscitate her when they found her in a non-responsive condition.

The civil complaint alleges the victim was first admitted to defendant’s nursing home after a bad case of pneumonia, along with renal failure and complications with her diabetes management.  The family hoped the nursing home would be better able to monitor and control her diabetes, and then when she was further along in her recovery, they would take her home. That was a realistic goal given that she was only 52-years-old, but unfortunately, she died in the nursing home facility. Continue reading →

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According to a recent news article from, the aids employed at nursing homes were placed under arrest for allegedly abusing patients. The charges are based on complaints at the various nursing homes at which they were employed. Authorities filed and announced these charges on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, as these arrests were part of an ongoing effort to fight this alarming trend.

Authorities said that they are using these arrests, and the time of them, to put everyone on notice that they are prepared to do whatever they can to fight elder abuse in their state.  With respect to the actual charges, one defendant is accused of striking an 87-year-old woman who has dementia in the head and arm as staff and other patients looked on.  She was charged with criminal assault of an elderly or institutionalized person. Continue reading →

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A nursing home operating in the state of Florida owes a duty of care to all residents at the facility.  In a typical negligence case, that duty of care is a duty to act as a reasonable and prudent person to prevent foreseeable injury to foreseeable persons and property.  However, there are various other claims that can be filed in a negligence action.

Two of the common claims filed in nursing home negligence actions are failure to properly train staff and negligent hire or retention.  This is an allegation that the management of a nursing home is not acting in a reasonable and prudent manner with respect to staffing practices, and that results in a foreseeable accident to residents. Continue reading →

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When we send our loved ones to a nursing home facility, we hope they will be safe and well-cared for.  In some cases, that unfortunately doesn’t always happen, and patients suffer severe personal injury or even death as a result of nursing home negligence.

In some cases, however, we have nursing home staff that is trying to do the right thing, but this is not always the case.  Sometimes we have staff that is taking advantage of, abusing, or otherwise harassing nursing home residents. Continue reading →

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A jury in Colorado has awarded the family of a former patient $5.5 million in damages – which included $5 million in punitive damages – following the death of a patient in 2013, just six months after she was admitted. 

Attorneys who represented her family announced in a press release the record-setting award in that county, which was based on the fact that her death was reportedly preceded by months of repeated abuse and neglect. The damage award was imposed against both defendants, the nursing home itself and its corporate parent, Life Care Centers of America, Inc. In Florida, there are more than two dozen nursing homes owned by this same corporation, including two in Orlando and one in West Palm Beach.

The press release asserted this was a company that, like so many others, put profits ahead of patient care. There with issues with poor care, gaps in charting and staffing shortages – all of which resulted in a fatal outcome for decedent, plaintiff’s mother. Continue reading →

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