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Nursing home residents disproportionately suffer from sepsis, a condition that results in multiple organ failure and death. It caused by the body’s overreaction to bacterial

Now, a doctor reports he has identified a possible treatment for the deadly condition, which kills 300,000 people in the U.S. annually – a significant number of those nursing home residents who received poor care.

According to NPR, it started early last year in Virginia. An emergency room doctor treated a woman in her late 40s who was suffering from sepsis. It was a severe case. Her kidneys weren’t functioning, and neither were lungs. The doctor honestly did not expect her to survive the night. It was one of those cases where any last ditch effort was welcome. He had heard of an obscure studies in which doctors at a local university had treated patients with some success by giving Vitamin C intravenously. Continue reading →

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The 73-year-old man from Detroit was mentally impaired, struggling with dementia. He was also physically impaired, and needed a wheelchair to move around. These were the reasons why he was living in a Michigan nursing home in the first place. opendoor5

Then, last month, the man reportedly wheeled himself out of the facility. No one stopped him. No one caught him. The following day, construction workers found him dead inside a Dumpster.

Now, just a few weeks have passed and his family has filed a lawsuit against the facility, alleging negligence proximately resulting in the man’s death. They probably have a strong case. Continue reading →

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A number of recent reports indicate a growing number of nursing home staffers are working excessive amounts of overtime, leading to a greater potential for reduced care quality and possibly neglect and abuse. stethascope7

In one case, a long-time nursing assistance in Pennsylvania clocked an average of 80 hours each week for a full year. Her routine jobs included feeding, dressing and bathing nursing home residents. One registered nurse in the same area worked the equivalent of 90 eight-hour overtime shifts over the course of two years. In a single nursing home, staffers clocked 125,000 hours of overtime over the course of two years.

Another report out of New York detailed how a single, county-run nursing home ran up a $745,300 bill for overtime in 2014, which represented a nearly 22 percent increase from just one year earlier.

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