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A new state report blames a nurse and a nursing home for a medication error that proved deadly to a 53-year-old short-term resident. The Star Tribune in Minnesota reports the patient received a dose of powerful pain medication that was 20 times too potent, resulting in his death. nursing home medication errors

After receiving the wrong dose of the medication one evening before bed, he probably died shortly thereafter. However, paramedics weren’t called until the following morning, which would seem to indicate that the issue wasn’t discovered until that time. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Although the nurse who delivered the fatal dose of oxycodone was first on the state health department’s list of those responsible, investigators also pointed the finger at the facility, which reportedly did not have a system that would track changes in the way powerful, high-risk medications – including painkillers – would be given to patients. The facility was fined a sum the state hasn’t disclosed, but has been allowed to remain open after adopting new medication protocol.  Continue reading →

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Medicaid fraud is a widespread problem within the health care industry in Florida and nationwide. The issue is especially pervasive when it comes to elderly, and nursing home patients in particular. dentist1

The reason is because these individuals often lack the ability to discern or report what is happening to them. This can involve patients undergoing procedures that are unnecessary or not in their best health interest, as well as their accounts being billed for services or medications that were never rendered. In any case, it is patients who suffer this harm.

Recently in Sunrise, a 48-year-old dentist became the subject of a search warrant in a Medicaid fraud case in which it was alleged he fraudulently billed Medicaid for dentures in patients who either never received them or didn’t need them. During the search of his computers, federal agents allegedly found evidence of child pornography as well. Continue reading →

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