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Politician- AHS Investor Linked to Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home care facilities are often for-profit operations that can leave patients at risk of severe injuries, abuse or neglect. According to reports, a franchise of long-term care facilities owned by a politician’s former companies is under scrutiny and facing lawsuits for the wrongful death and abuse of residents. Bruce Rauner, the wealthy lawmaker said he wanted to run the state like a business if elected as governor, has operated the for-profit care business that is being investigated in multiple states, including Florida. The care facility has been connected with abuse, mistreatment, deplorable conditions, and wrongful death.

According to reports, multiple media sources and state records link the care facilities to resident attacks, bathtub drownings, deplorable living conditions, sexual assaults, and negligent employees. Our Fort Lauderdale nursing home injury attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and families who have suffered because of negligence or abuse. We are experienced in the investigation of nursing home abuse allegations and can help you to protect your rights. In addition to providing aggressive advocacy for victims, we are committed to raising awareness to prevent future neglect, abuse, and fatalities in nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

This investigation and widespread abuse and neglect reflects a larger and growing problem among Florida and nationwide nursing home care facilities. Nursing home abuse and neglect often stems from a failure to oversee operations, as large companies cut costs in order to make a profit from families in need. Failure to background check employees, understaffing, and other systematic issues can lead to rampant abuse and neglect, ultimately, injury and wrongful death. In these cases, the reports were made public after a March primary election connected the politician to the for-profit nursing home care business.

Though the politician he was not involved in the daily management and operation of the companies, records show he has been a chairman and leader of the company at the time of its launch in 1996. Reports indicate that investors were seeking opportunities to benefit financially by providing long-term care to Medicare patients.

The problems in AHS homes have been widespread and well-documented. A Houston home was taken over by the state after the death of an 11-year-old resident. A lawsuit has been filed since the patient was attacked and went into cardiac failure. In another Texas facility, a patient was found unconscious and lying on the floor and was later pronounced dead. Another lawsuit names the company after a 2001 death of a disabled woman in an Arizona home, resulting in a $45.5 million judgment against the company.

In Florida, the Marco Group Home, operated by AHS was cited for failing to report sexual abuse, overbilling the state, and for complaints about lack of food at the facility. These are just examples of the egregious and negligent ways that the for-profit company has led to abuse, neglect, and serious injury. Victims and families who have been impacted by for-profit care company negligence should consult with an experienced advocate as soon as possible.

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