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Lack of Oversight in Nursing Home Care Industry

State and federal agencies are charged with ensuring safety and patient health in the medical industry. The FDA regulates drug prescriptions, state agencies are responsible for licensing doctors and nurses, and public health agencies are responsible for ensuring the safe operation of medical facilities. In what has become a growing epidemic, more and more injuries, accidents, and deaths are being associated with nursing home abuse and neglect. Additional investigations and reports have suggested that the lack of oversight in this industry has failed to keep patients safe.

The assisted living industry exploded decades ago, when families were more mobile, many women joined the workforce, and families turned to professionals to help care for their loved ones. Nursing home facilities also realized that it was a profitable business and throughout the nation, nursing homes became a common solution for families. Unfortunately, it seems that federal and state regulatory agencies have failed to keep up with this trend.

Many state agencies are having an overflow of complaints and are unable to keep up with investigations related to abuse, neglect, accidents, and wrongful death. If you feel that a suspected abuse case went unnoticed or that local authorities failed to take action in your case, we can help. Our Fort Lauderdale nursing home abuse attorneys are experienced with helping victims and their families bring negligent caretakers and their affiliated medical centers to justice.

One problem is that while nursing homes market themselves to consumers as care centers, they suggest to regulators and policymakers that they are simply assisted living centers. This can create confusion and liability issues when it comes to duties of care and responsibilities. Many care centers will try to shirk responsibility, even in a clear case of abuse, neglect or an accidental death. This problem is only exacerbated by lobbyists for assisted car facilities who are pressing upon lawmakers to stay out of their business. They bolster this argument with the fact that they are big time business, offering employment to tens of thousands of workers in most states, even more in Florida.

Though state agencies are overwhelmed and there is no federal governing body when it comes to the regulation of assisted living and nursing home care, it stands out as a kind of “Wild West” in the patient care industry. In 2011, a Florida task force proposed higher standards for licensing and inspecting assisted living facilities and nursing home care. Like many bills with a powerful opposing lobby, the measures died in the state legislature.

In the event of an accident or injury, many victims’ families will ask, “How could this happen?” The problem with the lack of oversight is that there is no law, repercussions, or penalties, even in cases of egregious offenses. For most victims, relief can be sought out through a civil lawsuit. If you suspect abuse or neglect, or you have lost a loved one while he or she was under nursing home care, you may be entitled to significant relief or compensation. Our experienced advocates will perform an immediate investigation to identify responsible parties, including individual caretakers and nursing home care operators.

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