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Florida Nursing Home Beating Victim Dies

Nursing home abuse, at its most severe, can involve physical assault and the beating of a patient. In a tragic Florida case, an elderly man who was a patient at an assisted-living facility was beaten by a security guard and died of his injuries. According to reports, the 83-year-old victim was hospitalized after the attack but never regained consciousness. The case is currently being investigated, though the 22-year-old security guard is facing preliminary charges of attempted murder and aggravated assault.

As America’s older generations turn to nursing homes and assisted-living centers for care, it is critical that children, loved ones, law enforcement, advocacy groups and legislators take action to ensure safety and well-being. This is another tragic example of lack of regulation, oversight, failed screening, and negligent nursing home care that too often leads to the injury or death of our most vulnerable residents.

Our Fort Lauderdale nursing home abuse attorneys are dedicated to providing strategic advocacy and support to families of victims of nursing home neglect or abuse. If you suspect that your loved one has been abused, our attorneys will independently review your case and take necessary legal action against responsible individuals or entities.

According to police records, shortly after midnight on an evening last March, the suspect entered the facility where he worked as a weekend security guard. When he entered the facility, he entered the rooms of two victims, an 83-year-old male, and an 88-year-old female, and began beating them with a blunt object. A nurse alerted another security guard who intercepted the attack to prevent additional injuries. Deputies arrived to find the suspect attacking another security guard.

In this case, the nursing home could be held liable for failure to screen employees, provide background checks, and negligent security. In addition to criminal charges in this case, the victim’s family may also be able to bring a wrongful death claim against the nursing home and the defendant attacker. In any nursing home case involving abuse or neglect, it is critical to notify authorities as soon as possible. You should also consult with an experienced advocate who can review the facts in your case and determine the best legal course of action to stop abuse and recover compensation.

Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect is a common problem throughout the state of Florida. If you have a loved one staying in a nursing home, you should be aware of some common signs of abuse or neglect, including bed sores, dehydration or infections. Make sure that your loved ones are getting proper nutritional care and medication. You should also be wary if you notice signs of emotional agitation or if a loved one becomes non-communicative. Signs of neglect or abuse may also include rapid weight loss or weight gain, unexplained injuries such as wounds, cuts, or bruises, as well as reluctance to speak in the presence of staff members.

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