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Are House Calls a Safer Alternative to Nursing Homes?

Nursing home abuse and neglect is rampant in care facilities throughout Southern Florida. Whether your loved one is already in a home or you are considering finding a home for an elderly relative, the choice can be difficult. For many families, the decision is tough, but necessary. What do you do when you can no longer care for a loved one? When the dementia has become potentially dangerous? While seeking out a nursing home to handle these medical and care needs may seem like the only solution, other professional care experts are pointing to an alternative option: home health care and visits.

Many families seek out a care facility because it sounds safer and less costly than home care, but recent studies suggest that this may not be the case. With a rising number of abuse and neglect cases to put loved ones in harm’s way, home health care and visits may give you additional control over the quality of care—at a fraction of the price. Our Fort Lauderdale nursing home abuse attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness to prevent nursing home injuries throughout the state of Florida. In addition to staying abreast of legal developments, we are also dedicated to advocating for victims and their families.

According to an NPR report, many elderly patients and their families could benefit from home care. In a study conducted by MedStar, a hospital in Washington D.C. over 700 patients were treated by a home health care team consisting of a physician, nurse practitioner, social workers, and practical nurses. They made frequent visits and had someone on-call for emergency situations, intervening in the event of a crisis. Doctor’s also collaborated with emergency rooms, minimizing confusion over medical history and hospital records.

The studies found that patients who received home-based care had fewer ER visits and hospitalizations than those who were reliant on nursing home care. In addition Medicare saved $8,477 for patients who received home-based care rather than on-site nursing home care. The new study may change the way that Medicare pays health care providers, especially when it is paying for-profit homes for negligent or sub-standard care. Under Obama’s healthcare reform, hospitals and providers will be rewarded for better results and more cost-efficiency, rather than the other way around.

Many families will go to any means to ensure that their loved one is taken care of. Unfortunately, unscrupulous nursing home facilities often take advantage of this desperation. If your loved one needs additional care, it is important to be wary of negligent or abusive care facilities and their staff. For-profit providers may not adequately staff or screen employees. This can result in severe injuries and accidents including falls, head injuries, and broken bones. In addition to injuries, patients may be at risk if they are not given proper nutrition and medication. If your loved one has suffered from an injury in a nursing home care facility, it is important to consult with an experienced advocate. You may be entitled to significant compensation for your losses. If you are seeking out a care facility, consider alternatives, including home-based care to secure the health and well-being of an elderly loved one.

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